Apple Pie Crumb Cake Muffins

Crumb cake in muffin form? Like, portable crumb cake? Yes please. Another winning Vegan With A Vengeance recipe. I’ve made these before so when their page number showed up on the random number generator I was more than happy to make them again. I fixed up the crumb bit and there was no way I was peeling apples. Turned out better this time.

The husband doesn’t really love fruit filled muffins. Well, that’s not exactly true. He likes them, but when they sit, they start to get mushy. So he really likes them when they are first made, but after a few days (believe it or not he paces himself with the muffins I make him for breakfast!) they start to become well, a bit fermented. Not bad, but mushy. He keeps them at his desk a lot and if they were in the fridge he wouldn’t remember.

These muffins stand up a bit better. Not as mush resistant as chocolate chip muffins, but I always feel I need to throw a bit of fruit in his diet once in awhile. They sure are tasty and I think are more strudel like in taste than an apple pie. But apples plus spices and such equals “pie” for some people.

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