I didn’t feel like kale chips the other night as a side (I was obviously sick, crazy) and I had a bunch of kale left in the fridge and that was about it. I was also out of sesame oil and too lazy to go to the store so my easy black soy bean stir fry dish was out as well. What I generally do is pick up my cookbooks and go to the index and look for the ingredient I have for inspiration. It lead me to The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen.

This is honestly the first time I’ve used this book. This recipe is for Cannellini Beans with Sauteed Kale. Easy peasy. I added a ton of garlic and really not much oil and unfortunately too much cayenne. It was … spicy. I always find most recipe spiciness bland but well this one probably would have been fine. Oops. Solved by serving with rice and some leftover tofu.