You Didn’t Think That Was My Thanksgiving Post Did You?

I’m very thankful for a lot of things in my life. My inlaws have been saints with putting up with my bratty self. My husband has the patience of buddah when it comes to my new hobbies and interests. He’s even a good sport as my baking tester, but sometimes forgets to elaborate on “mmm”. My brother is happy and healthy in Canada, and our cat let me sleep most of the night.

When I saw people planning recipes and desserts for Thanksgiving today I was thankful. I go to my inlaws house where they provide a spread of wonderful things I can eat. Now, this is a full on meat and potatoes family, but my mother inlaw is awesome and will make me anything I want. Honestly, I like whole boiled baked potatoes and plain green beans, so she does that specifically for me. No fake meat this year, though it is always an option. I’m just not feeling it today. She provides pies and I always bring dessert. Bread this year too, it is rising.

Even though I only had to bring dessert and bread, I so didn’t plan anything. In fact, I started baking at 8pm last night. I could have done it today. I’ve done so much large batch bakesale baking that baking for a single family requires no planning. Just a look at ingredients I have. I had fresh cranberries.

And I had an inspiration. Last year, Vanilla Garlic had an awesome post. Crapload of Cranberries. I love this guys recipes. They are spot on, and easy to veganize. So a margarine substitute later, I ended up with these Ginger Cranberry Bars. Super easy, and really darn tasty. I like cranberries, and even if you don’t eat them a lot, I think you would be impressed. I generally don’t eat cranberries with a lot of ginger but it really does marry well. The ginger in the shortbread really stands out as well. I hope my inlaws like them!

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