What’s A Girl To Do With Her Few Hours in SF?

So, we got into the Bay Area in the afternoon, much later than planned. After an errand in our old hood, we headed up to the city in rush hour traffic. My husband was happy to drive. Funny huh? Yeah, we are weirdos.

First stop.

Stompers Boots. Sorry, not vegan. They don’t have pleather here. Sorry, there’s vegan food coming up, just go to the yummy pics. This was for the husband. The husband loves Wesco Boots and they carry stock sizes here. He has custom ones, but picked up a pair of stock for those super hot months we go through. You really don’t need 18″ lined boots in August in Missouri.

The store is the size of a shoebox.  Literally. But they have some great stock. The guy was friendly, the husband was happy, and then it was 5:30. Fluevog closed at 6, so I didn’t get to check out the new 3 story shop. Oh well. Might be able to make it some other time when we are here, but I doubt it. Boo. But dinner was at 7, so we went for coffee. Coffee shops all over, open at all hours. *swoon*

Oh, coffee shops complete with weirdos, free wifi and smelly hippies. How I have missed most of it. We had tea and hot chocolate at Church Street Cafe. Mostly because it is across the street from my fave sushi joint in SF.

Sorry Caitlin, but you knew I had to. Warakubune. Seriously, 2nd best sushi joint (for me) ever. Best in the city. Across the street NoName sushi isn’t too bad, but the wait is worth it here. Mmm…sushi boats. But I always put in an order for something that rarely is able to do a full boat circle:

Asparagus Roll. Yeah, tempura asparagus with tonkatsu sauce. Yeah, I ate 4. Shut up. I’m on vacation. And since we’re on vacation, we had to have dessert.

Sweet Inspiration. And sorry, all of my pics were blurry. I was tired, had the camera on auto and well, was tired. No excuse. There was a tango class going on in the back, but hey, they have vegan stuff. Yeah, I said tango in a bakery. SF is kinda like that… random. Like this vegan chocolate cake:

We all agreed there was something weird going on with the icing. It tasted…vegan. That’s to say, you knew it wasn’t a “normal” dessert. My husband declared mine better and went back to his cake. I say hey, thanks for the effort. His was lemon coconut cake, and he wanted to show off a picture. I’m pretty sure I can make this…vegan. I didn’t know he would like this kind of cake. I can do this, he generally asks for chocolate! He said it was light and fluffy. I can make a light and fluffy vegan cake in my sleep. Sheesh.

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