The Bread Bakers Apprentice Focaccia

I like focaccia so I was excited to start on my 2 day baking adventure for this one. It was kind of a pain in the ass with the folding every 30 minutes, and my dough was a bit dry. I tend to have that problem lately, I’m not getting the super slack dough needed. I thought that with that beautiful air bubble on top that I would have more pockets but nope, my dough was too dry.

This is an olive oil based bread so it is vegan by default. I really loved the texture, even if it wasn’t as airy as planned. And it tasted fantastic. Like, really fantastic. I generally make half batches of breads in this book and I’m torn on making another half batch of this one. On one hand, it is so good it will be gone quickly. On the other hand, I won’t have eaten 5 pounds of bread in a day. Yes, that huge slab in the first photo is a HALF batch. Be careful bread bakers!

For the herbed oil, I used a premade sundried tomato and basil olive oil. It was perfect. You pretty much drench the bread in this wonderful fragrant oil. It was even still a bit oily and wonderful when I was handling it for photos. I ate these pieces plain, could you blame me?

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