Route 66 State Park

I’m posting this late, because in actuality I did this hike in October, and I’m sick on the couch still. Better late than never. Why isn’t there a big picture of the welcome sign I usually post? Well, because getting INTO the freaking park is a nightmare. There is a detour because they are reworking the bridge into the park. There is an electronic sign for the detour on the highway, BUT I went by twice (!!) and only got half the message. I had to pull over into a parking lot and I did some google searches. Even their site doesn’t spell out the freaking detour. I was pissed, but determined. I had to check Route 66 State Park off my damn list.

Oh hey, I have a google maps on my phone.

So I did my own detour and ended up in a park in Eureka and walked UNDER the highway (kinda creepy) and into the park.

This park is pretty much all paved, with a little gravel. And it is really not shady, so I’m glad I went in the fall. It wasn’t extremely pretty either, which is kind of a bummer.

I kept on my merry way, hoping for some chill time but I couldn’t find my zone. It was loud. I remember I bitched about Forest 44 Conservation Area being loud. This one surpassed it in loudness. In fact, you walk almost along the freaking highway on the south side of the park. This is the north side view:

Yeah, pretty. And there are houses on the bluff above. And there were sirens blaring because of a huge accident on 44. I could hear them on the north side of the park, so I assumed it was bad. So I walked along that side and around back to my car.

I ran into a few people walking their dogs. The park was pretty deserted for a weekend afternoon. There was a car show happening in the park but I didn’t bother going to the visitors center. I wasn’t in the mood for route 66 paraphernalia. I found the bridge that was blocked off finally, though if I had gotten lost in this park, I would have had to retire my camelbak.

After the bridge I figured out how cars were getting into the damn park. Well, at least I found the road, and cars were on it. It wasn’t until I was getting onto the highway from the connector park that I found the service road and the secondary entrance to the park. So yeah, I suck. Oh well. Before I left Eureka I had a quick kettlebell workout in the park where my car was because I keep mine in my car. I’m not carrying those heavy things inside! Hah. So I ended up getting a workout, it just wasn’t a hike.

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