In Sicily, women are more dangerous than shotguns.

I needed a bit of dinner after the wedding but we were super tired. We stuck to an old tradition and just randomly drove down El Camino Real until something looked good. Veggie options are pretty easy to come by in California. We stopped in Belmont at Godfather’s Burger Lounge. I wasn’t worried about the beef sign.

We started with garlicy truffle fries. YUM. The chipolte sauce (not vegan) was tasty. The fries were hot and super crisp. Not a soggy one in the bunch. I ordered onion rings but it was pretty late at night and they were out. No big deal, these fries were more than enough. I got a portabello burger and it was excellent. Would have been vegan without the sauce, oops. They went out of their way to please me with a sub for the onion rings, but honestly I didn’t want anything else. The customer service was amazing.

The husband got a california burger with sweet potato fries and said it was awesome. You can sub a veggie pattie for any of the specialty burgers which is awesome. Honestly, these $10 burgers really are worth $10. It is a nice change! We would put this place into regular rotation if we moved back.

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  1. I’ve done that before – our favorite trip was starting in SF looking for something on El Camino, and ending up at Taxi’s in San Mateo! The burgers look great – I’m going to have to try that place soon!

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