So my birthday was pretty good. We ended up in Half Moon Bay that evening per requested. My favourite sushi place ever is Sushi Main Street, on Mill Street. Don’t ask. There is a new sake bar on Main St. run by the same people, but the normal restaurant is still around the corner.

Half Moon Bay is a super sleepy coastal town and it was even foggy when we got there. Yay! Fog is my favourite weather. We went inside and got our table. If you go, I highly suggest reservations. This Sunday however was pretty dead, it was weird.

Now this is the sad part. Once my friends showed up, I completely was having too much fun to remember to snap a photo of anything. Seriously. I suck, a lot. Oh well. I had an awesome birthday dinner of plain hot vegetarian soba. Yes, veggie broth. It is amazing and I still can’t figure out how to recreate it. And I also had a green dragon roll, which is tempura veggies. They always put tempura avocado in the rolls and I forgot to say to leave it out but it was okay. The funny thing is that since I can eat cooked foods here I generally do. Oh, I had a raw tofu salad, but it wasn’t really all that.

I miss living in the area so much. I hate that these types of meals have to be special meals. We used to eat Japanese and Mexican 2-3x a week. Now it is too expensive to eat out this way, or there is no variety for me.

Funny fact: the husbands coffee is cheaper at Starbucks in San Mateo by about $0.40 to what he pays in St. Louis. Crazy. Not everything is cheaper in the midwest. Especially food. Boo.

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