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Hanging with SMRT. A Lunch in Palo Alto

Today we wandered around Palo Alto, aka, the home of Stanford. I used to go weekly to PA for knitting. A pretty fun group, we met in an Italian bakery off of University. Today we were off of California which has really grown! First stop was lunch! I was starving.

The little cafes and bistros were not calling to me, and I think the husband stared to drool when we went by this place. Hey, I’ll always try a new falafel place. Mediterranean Wraps seems to have a location on both University and California. Score! A small little shop that is really perfect.

Oh, foil wrapped goodies, I love you so. Looking at this photo reminded me I still haven’t had a burrito. Eek! We went for Thai yesterday instead, oopsie. Oh well, there’s still time. Anyway, foil wrapped falafel deluxe. That means it was falafel WITH eggplant and potatoes. Uh yum.

I sacrificed better photos since I decided that eating was way more important. And it was, once I got some hot sauce. Next time, get the paste stuff on the inside. Totally worth it.

I’m a sucker for french fries when I’m eating falafel. It is the perfect companion. They came late, but they were so fresh I still ate some after I was stuffed.  As I was eating outside, I looked up at a marquee. It was awesome.

Wha? Zombie Runner? Sweet! Yes, the shop is called Zombie Runner. So freaking cool. Funny thing is that they didn’t have what I needed (a new Garmin strap) but the husband ended up buying a pouch for his phones. Maybe he can be convinced that runners are efficient and have cool gear. Who knows.

They didn’t have any t-shirts or I would have bought one. I mean really, a zombie runner tee? That’s kinda classic. Unless it wasn’t black ;) I did get a pen though. Hehe!

There was an organic grocery store down the street as well, and I bought way overpriced granola. I totally didn’t look at the price tag. Wow. The store was pretty awesome, but yeah, I paid almost $13 for a packet of granola.

Then for coffee with a friend. Izzy’s Brooklyn Bagels was our stop. I was tempted by the black & white cookies, as well as the bagels but in case you scrolled past the first few photos, I ate that whole log of food prior to getting to Izzy’s. Oops. I had tea. It was tea. The husband was smart and saved a bit of room and had a chocolate croissant and said it was amazing.

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  1. Elspeth says

    Those fries look delicious – I’m going to have to stop there soon!

  2. Raven says

    “Zombie runner” makes me think the “cardio” rule, from the movie Zombieland.

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