I didn’t want to leave SF without my damn burrito fix. Well, we were in the airport early and ended up with an airport burrito. I’m going to have to count it as it was foil wrapped, but not omg amazing. And it came with salad. That was weird. The oil on the salad made my urban food log sticky. Jerks.

My usual burrito order is (whole) beans, rice and hot salsa. That’s it. The beans must be whole and I have a preference for black beans but will eat pinto. Since I was screwing with my nature by ordering a burrito in a damn airport (which is iffy in itself) I decided to throw caution to the wind and added grilled veggies. It was okay. Wish they had normal rice though. I don’t dig cilantro. Hey, at least I didn’t get sick. That means they were too cheap to make the rice with chicken broth. Yay! It was edible, but not amazing. Hey, I was in a damn airport, I was lucky I could eat anything.

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