Isn’t it so pretty? Don’t give up on Farmer’s Markets in the fall and cold months! Some of them move indoors and some of them just go on year round. I found some great looking bok choy and I was happy to use it. How? Well, most of the time I’ll stir fry it, or steam it. Today, I grilled it! Yum! I just cut the stalks in half ¬†and threw them on the Foreman that had been lightly sprayed with olive oil. I would generally marinate them or season them but I had a plan. I used an off the cuff veggie sauce to pour over my bunch.

Asian Veggie Sauce

1 Tbsp Veggie Tonkatsu sauce (found in the asian grocery)
1 Tbsp Rice Vinegar
1 Tbsp Soy Sauce
1 tsp of Sesame Oil

Whisk together and pour over freshly steamed or grilled veggies. If you want to make this low carb use a sugar substitute instead of the tonkatsu sauce which is very sugary. Mine has 5g of sugar in it for 1 tablespoon. It makes all the difference in the flavour though.

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