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As I sit here, sniffling on the couch watching my husband install one or another linux flavour on a new machine I got to thinking about my cookbooks. Not really a tangent as I have been reading blogs lately about randomly picking a cookbook in their arsenal and making recipes. I don’t want my cookbooks to be a collection to be looked at, I really want to use them. So I went through them tonight. I picked out some to be donated and then I played around with the random number generator.

Most of my books are dessert books. That’s a bit of a problem, but I’ll get through it. When I cook, I tend to look at blogs, or just throw things together. I picked the first 10. The books picked were all picked on the first random number in the generator. I really didn’t follow that for the recipes as some just were not going to work for me. I gave myself 3-5 random page numbers for that section of choices. I really hate cornbread. Why did it keep coming up? Sheesh. Here is a list of my next few recipes I’ll be making and featuring:

  1. My Grandmother’s Notebook (I do not bake enough from this), page 7: Chocolate Squares (going to veganize)
  2. Dorie Greenspan’s Baking From My Home To Yours, page 162: Gingered Carrot cookies (going to veganize)
  3. 100 Great Breads, page 65: Mushroom, Onion & Basil Focaccia
  4. Healthy Homestyle Desserts, page 25: Jam Thumbprint Cookies (going to veganize)
  5. Chatelaine’s Adventures in Cooking (1969), page 259: Mild Curry Powder (going to use it for tofu)
  6. The New Laurel’s Kitchen, page 189: Crumbly Carrots
  7. Vegan With A Vengeance, page 53: Apple Pie Crumb Cake Muffins (made these before, they rock)
  8. The McDougall Quick & Easy Cookbook, page 90: Spicy Red Bean & Corn Stew
  9. The Vegetarian Grill, page 22: Soy Grilled Broccoli
  10. The Joy Of Vegan Baking, page 196: Chocolate Fudge

Some of these are a big challenge. The Chatelaine book was my mom’s, and I don’t think I’ve ever really opened it up. I love looking at Dorie Greenspan’s desserts but they always seem like quite a challenge. 2 favourites popped up with Vegan with a Vengeance and The Joy Of Vegan Baking. 5 things to bake though. That’s a bit rough on the waistline. I think I’ll consider halving recipes. It doesn’t have to be done in a week either. I just need to change things up a bit!

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