Bread Bakers Apprentice: French Bread

This is one of those loaves that should have just been ignored and I should have went on my way. The book calls for baguettes, but I wasn’t in the mood to shape baguettes, or eat baguettes. Fine. I made my pate fermentee the evening before and went to bed.

It didn’t look very happy. But I went with it.

I mixed my dough the next day and gave it a happy 2 hour rise.

It didn’t look happy. But I went with it.

I put it in one of my brotforms and it looked kinda wet. As I’ve said before, I have a problem with dry dough. I thought it might be normal.I stretched it into a ball and let it rest for another 75 minutes.

It didn’t look happy at all. But I was almost done.

I popped it on a preheated baking stone with my silpat and then used my new spray bottle to mist the inside of the oven. Well, kind of. You see, there is no “mist” on this bottle and I took out the lightbulb with one big fat spray of water. And the lightbulb shattered…all over my bread.

Cursed a bit, found out there were only 2 broken pieces of lightbulb and got them off the bread and just threw it back in the oven. It totally looked done and sounded done when I knocked  on the bottom but when it cooled it was slightly underdone.

Could I have taken its temperature to make sure? Yes, but I was so over making bread. Oh and the crumb? It was as tight as an 80’s hair bands jeans. WTF? I barely touched it after the first rise, I stretched the top a bit and put it in my brotform. The rise looked fine, but there were not big air pockets. It might have been my starter. I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t care. F you, french bread. I’ll deal with you another time.

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