Aw Crap. I’m Sick.

Seems that I got infected by that small coughing child on the plane. Figures. All I’ve really had an appetite for has been Green Monsters.

Recipe? I rarely use one. My base green is generally spinach since it is pretty mind and it is easier to keep things sweet. I’ve also been adding protein powder to mine, but that is optional too. Basic recipe?

8 oz of unsweetened almond milk
1 big handful of baby spinach
1 frozen banana
1 cup of frozen fruit, pineapple rocks, used strawberries today
1 Tbsp of flax and or chia seeds (I use both)

Pretty much I generally start with a base of almond milk. Look to see what sort of fruit I have to use up and if you use frozen fruit you don’t have to add ice. Those almost past their prime bananas always get tossed in the freezer (peeled and in baggies) just for smoothies. I’ve used kale and other greens and it works fine, but you might be able to taste them. Cucumbers work great in green smoothies, they taste very mild. You can use stronger flavoured veggies if you want, but when I do I use stronger flavoured fruits like pineapple. I’m in it for the sugar. Heh. Go ahead and add hard veggies like carrots if your blender can take it. Add some cocoa powder if you want it chocolaty.

I’ve been known to add canned pumpkin or squash and make pumpkin pie smoothies with a pumpkin pie spice blend. I’ve also added raw oatmeal to thicken them up or peanut butter for some yum factor. Okay, I add just about anything to my Blendtec and drink it. The thing is, you have to experiment. And don’t be afraid to use herbs and spices.

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