Ask and ye shall receive. A coworker said he really loved apple pie, and well, I had a ton of apples. What’s a girl to do? I don’t really love pie, but don’t get me wrong, I’ll eat it. My favourite is actually pumpkin pie and I can eat it by the pound. Other pies… eh. I need to get over my pie fear. I want to make pretty pies. Obviously, I need to work on it, but that’s okay.

So since I had a plethora of apples from the orchard (that were going bad pretty quickly), I decided to make a pie. I pulled out my grandmother’s recipe book she made for me for Easter one year. She was the expert pie maker. Actually, MASTER. So I found the recipe for pie crust. Then I cried a little. Lard. I might have muttered a little curse under my breath. No wonder her pies rocked. Jeeze.

So I went to the Joy of Vegan Baking and used their apple pie recipe.  It was pretty good. I used 100% shortening and everyone seemed to love the crust. Personally, I would love this crust with pumpkin pie. However, I felt it was a bit bland for a double crust pie. Next time I would do a half margarine half shortening crust for a double pie crust recipe. Or try the vodka crust recipe that is around the web. The filling was good, and wasn’t runny at all. I used the food processor to slice my apples and I kind of felt like I was cheating. Hey, it was a weeknight 😉 It made a great Friday breakfast for my coworkers though!