An Awesome Birthday Gift

Yesterday we spent a wonderful day with family. Sure, none of them were related but honestly, these friends are so close and caring that they are family. The ceremony was for my beloved Chase & Jason, who have finally taken that jump into being just as cranky and unhappy as the rest of us in marriage. Joking! They are so full of love for each other I can’t believe they have enough for the rest of us who joined them on their day.

I love these goofballs to death. I’ve never met two people with such open hearts and acceptance. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, they still extend a hand to you in friendship and love. And that hand is unconditional. I know it sounds sappy as hell but it is true. I’m so excited we got to come back “home” to hang out with them on their day (and a bit before, yay!). I would do anything for these two, and I want to wish them the best with all my heart. They know marriage is hard and I think that they have a strong base to work on.

Congrats to Chase & Jason. May you live long and have hearts full of love. Do what you want to do, not what others and customs try to mold you to be. PS: Thanks for the birthday cake and party, it was sweet of you to go out of your way for me 😉

Lots of Love, Shann & Ben. Who think you are so fab for inviting us and giving us an excuse to come visit and stock up on hugs. PS: Here is the flickr photoset.

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