A Note On Vegan Baking

Since I pretty much bake vegan I run into problems quite a bit with having people try my food. I get all sorts of excuses. Honestly, if you don’t want any, that is fine. If you don’t like the flavour or the type of treat, it is no skin off of my back. If you say “vegan baked goods suck”, that really pisses me off.

So you claim in the past you’ve had a vegan brownie or cake and it sucked. It tasted like ass. Yeah, well, I’ve had many an omni cookie and cake that tasted horrible. Don’t blame the genre for your experience. I don’t say that I don’t eat red velvet cake made with butter and eggs because I had a really bad one once (true story, it was horrible). That’s stupid right? Well, it is stupid to say that you don’t eat vegan cake because you had a bad one once.

Baked goods go wrong because of 1. the recipe, or 2. the execution. I’ll put random subbing of ingredients into the execution part. Also, some people just aren’t good bakers. There, I said it. And that is fine. There are a ton of things that I don’t do well in life. I feed almost 100% omni eaters my vegan goods and while some are weirded out at first (you can make a cake without eggs? frosting without butter?) they tend to appreciate the product just as much as the one filled with “normal” ingredients. It might not be their favourite chocolate chip cookie in the world, but that’s a preference, and not because it is vegan or not.

I have many fails in my baking. I’m fine with it. Hell, I even post about them. I’m a baker. I might bake vegan, but at heart I’m just a baker. The end. I’m so tired of people thinking that tofu is evil incarnate. Well, you haven’t had my damn cream cheeze frosting then. Because you would be eating tofu by the bucketload if you liked cream cheese frosting. When pawning off baked goods now that I’m more experienced I don’t advertise them as vegan much. I do point out to those with milk allergies that they can eat them, or to someone who avoids eggs that my baked goods are fine for them to sample. They still taste sweet, and most of them still have a ton of sugar and calories.

So stop being a biased dick when approached with something new or different. Be honest but open. If you hate coconut or pie (yes, some people hate pie, crazy), then pass on the coconut cream pie. If you like coconut and pie but are unsure of the ingredients, just be adventurous and try a little bit. You are more than welcome to not like it, but don’t judge the damn pie by it’s ingredients.

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I'm Shannon and I love to bake, hike, play video games and have fun. I currently live in the Bay Area with my husband and cat.


  1. I agree so much and I think the same thing can pretty much be said about vegan cooking as well. The amount of people who go out of their way to avoid anything containing tofu because of one bad tofu experience at some hole in the wall restaurant is insane. I’ve also noticed a lot of confusion about the difference between tofu and soy, not sure how that came about but it’s not helping.

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  2. Right on. I bake a lot for my co-workers and they know I’m vegan and are pretty open-minded but sometimes people can be pretty obnoxious and love to share stories about how “these are okay but my old roommates were vegan and nothing tasted good…” as if they’re doing me a favor by complimenting the treats I brought for them.
    I have bake sales at work sometimes and it’s quite an interior ordeal as I decide whether or not to write “Vegan” on the label; I don’t want it to turn anyone away but I want everyone to feel included AND to have their eyes opened when they taste a baked good that IS vegan AND actually tastes good!

    Well, whatever – if they don’t eat it, more for us 🙂

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