Where Does A Vegan Baker Go In St. Louis? Sweet Art!

Last year I had a minor meltdown. I was having a birthday party and I casually asked my husband about my cake. He looked at me blankly. Yeah. While I love baking, it’s my freaking day and uh, I don’t wanna bake! I’ve been known to not eat vegan on my birthday, but I do prefer vegan baked goods honestly. I’m a pain in the ass like that. So what’s a girl to do? Go online. Google is your friend.

So on my birthday last year we ended up at Sweet Art, and it was full of awesome. I got the burger and it was okay. My husband loved his BLT, which is called the 39th. I got two dozen cupcakes for my party and was beyond impressed. I had a chocolate vegan cupcake and was so happy. It wasn’t dry or bland or weird. In fact, it was pretty comparable to my vegan cupcakes, which is a compliment. All of the guests loved them. And then I didn’t go back.

Yeah, we suck. Almost a year later we finally went back. I had a groupon burning a little hole in my pocket, and now that I’m in moderation mode I didn’t feel guilty about eating out and having dessert. It is all about moderation, and I got some of that!

Sweet Art is an awesome little cafe with excellent artwork. They have a nice menu and even my omni husband doesn’t mind eating there. Really, he likes the 39th a lot and of course the cupcakes. I’m sure he would hope for better coffee, but he’s willing to go with me any time I ask. The only really convenient time for us to go is on Saturdays, and we don’t really go out for brunch a lot. It was worth it on this Saturday, because it was just what the doctor ordered.

I got the 39th this time too and was happy because I’m pretty sure it is LightLife bacon. And I have that at home! However, it is better when someone else makes it right? I opted against the Billy Goat chips even though I love them because I knew I was going to have a cupcake. I love them a lot. Another great St. Louis company. Maybe I’ll buy a bag just do to a review later 😉 The fruit was a bit small portioned, but the sandwich is huge. Anyway, cupcakes.

The husband opted for the Boston Cream cupcake, and I went for the Pumpkin Patch. The two vegan options didn’t appeal to me, and hey, I’m flexible. Chocolate Amaretto looked amazing, but I really don’t like amaretto. Really do not like. And the other was a Vanilla Mango, and I wasn’t feeling mango. So I went seasonal!

It was really moist and tasty. It honestly didn’t have enough pumpkin flavour, and I think the sweetness was from honey or cider or something. It was good, just not pumpkiny. Maybe because I had just made pumpkin muffins that were really pumpkin flavoured. It was good though, and I’m so not complaining. I was so happy not biting into a dry cupcake like at some places (*cough* Jilly’s *cough*).

The husband was very impressed with his Boston Cream cupcake. In fact, it was probably better than the last batch I made, so I consider it a challenge. Hah! He gave me sad puppy eyes when I said we couldn’t take the rest of them to go since they might melt in the car. How else would I get him to go back soon if he over dosed on cupcakes right then and there? It’s all part of my master plan to go more often. I really need to take time out of our schedules to go more often. Or put it on my calendar. If you ever want to meet up here for brunch, give me a call! I just need an excuse to get down here and get some great food.

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  1. If you take the Boston’s as a challenge then I’m thinking that we don’t have plans for Saturday .. accept that challenge and I shall be happy. 😉

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