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Vega Chocolate Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer

Oh Vega, I wanted to love you. I’m not ready for you. You taste like every single healthy vitamin and mineral in your little pouch. I’m sorry. I need the sweet stuff. I’m not against soy, I’m against bad taste. It is kind of grainy too, at least mixed with water (as instructed). I would have mixed it with almond milk, but hey, the package said water. Oh well. I do have other sample packets I bought, and I’ll try them. I just hope they work out better for me. For the price, I best be dreaming of the stuff and craving it 24/7.

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  1. Cindy says

    I have been experimenting with the Vega stuff. I agree about the price. I have wanted to try the bars but at almost $3 each I have been afraid. Plus, I have to order them and even if I were to get just one of each flavor I can’t find a site that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for shipping-up to $10.95 :( . Anyway, with the drinks I found the following: The chocolate is good added to black bean brownies, the fruit is good if you use one scoop only and mix it with hemp powder, blueberries and acai powder in a blender with about 6 oz water. The natural, well I am still playing with it. I made a coffee smoothie but it tasted a bit “natural”, kind of ruins the decadence of using coffee in the first place. I tried a coffee smoothie with the chocolate and that didn’t turn out so well, but I don’t really like chocolate drinks, just bought it for the brownies really. So that’s my take, hope you can find something helpful here.

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  1. Vega Whole Food Vibrancy Bar, Decadent Chocolate | Killer Bunnies, Inc linked to this post on November 10, 2010

    [...] I’m travelling today and decided to review a bar. I tried the Vega Whole Food Vibrancy Bar in Decadent Chocolate and it was so much easier to eat than the powdered drink I had last time. It still had a bit of “I know this is healthy, I can taste the minerals” to it, but it was still okay. As a picky weirdo who has really no food budget, I still found these hard to buy. They are pricey. I’m not sure they will go into regular rotation, but at least I can say they don’t taste as bad as my last Vega encounter. [...]

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