St. Louis Lower Chubb Trail

This is my second time on the Chubb trail. The first time I started out at Lone Elk Park and did the top half and Castlewood loop of the trail. Ran into a huge gaggle of bikes. It was all good mind you, they were very polite. There were a ton of gnats. Kind of annoying. This time I decided to start at West Tyson Park at the bottom of the trail. It was a beautiful day.

This is a beautiful single track trail. It is pretty easy and there were quite a few runners on the trail on this beautiful day. While it does kind of snake in places it isn’t a boring trail. I did a loop and turned at the picnic table to track back via the Flint Quarry trail. I’ve figured out that there are very fair weather hikers. Now is optimal hiking season for some and people are out in record numbers. Honestly, it is a bit chilly for me. However, as I strugged with a hill, I got passed up by an older couple. Yeah. I need to work on that.  However, I think I was too busy snapping pretty photos.

While this trail doesn’t follow the water, it still gives you stellar views. This is on the Flint Quarry trail side of the hike. There is a nice bench here to enjoy the view. I went self portait though, because I was having a blast entertaining myself 😉

Hey look everyone. I’m trying to get red leaves in the background. Hah. I didn’t see any wildlife on this trek, but this trail was also pretty busy. I got kind of worried when I veered off the Chubb to circle back. It was pretty, and I figured it is okay to be lost when it is this pretty.

I wasn’t really lost per se. I was just apprehensive of finding my car again. I figured though that since there was so many people around if I got tired someone could take pity on me and shuttle me back to my car. These are the things that go through my head when I’m on a long hike. This hike wasn’t very long however, and I had a bit of help.

So just when I panicked at finding another random parking lot, I got a nice direction sign. It all worked out in the end and I really like this trail. Not as pretty as Castlewood believe it or not, but still a nice hike. Pretty easy to get to as well.

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