Oh raw chocolate pudding, how I wanted to love you. It was hate at first bite! This avocado based recipe is so very popular too! I LOVED the texture. I hated the taste. So after my first bite (made as directed), I added a scoop of chocolate protein powder. Not enough sweetness so I added a half cup of powdered sugar. Yeah, I know. Shush. So I got the taste fine but the aftertaste. The earthy avocado aftertaste…

Hi, my name is Shannon, and I’m a vegetarian who hates avocado.  I’m a rare breed 😉


So I read all over the internet that “oh, you can’t taste it!” and I should have known better. Freaking liars. That’s like people who can’t taste coffee in “mocha” flavoured items. I also don’t like coffee. I think I hate avocado more than coffee though. EW.

I’m really kind of bummed because it is so pretty, I just can’t handle the meh aftertaste. I have it in the fridge for the husband who LOVES avocado, but probably won’t even get the aftertaste. He’s not a huge pudding guy, so I honestly doubt it will get eaten. Maybe if I put it in the freezer and convince him it is ice cream 😉 Hah!