Local Harvest. A Great Cafe in St. Louis

I had heard about Local Harvest awhile ago, and they have even commented on my blog! I was looking for local eggs during the summer egg crisis and they got back to me quickly about the grocery part of Local Harvest carrying local eggs. I wanted to go and check them out, and definitely check out the cafe.

Why have I not been here sooner? Wow. It is a cute coffee shop with a relaxed interior. I had so many choices it was amazing.

Everything in this display was a vegan baked good (a bad photo sorry). Choices? Wow. That’s fab. But I wasn’t really in for something sweet today. I wanted lunch! And lunch we got. I was pretty excited, but then again, I get excited when I get more than once choice in food. I’m pretty easy like that.

The husband got a cuban. He was very happy about it, even though it didn’t come out pressed (kinda weird, but okay). However, next time, no mustard. Other than that, he loved it and said the pulled pork was really great. They serve local Billy Goat Chips here as well. Oh, and the coffee happens to be the same Goshen coffee that they served at Strange Folk, yet it was drinkable.

I got the vegan chili, and it was as good as everyone had said. Yes, chickpeas in chili. I wouldn’t call it a traditional chili, but it was still tasty. It worked well with my half morganford mediterranean sandwich (no cheese). I do love lentils, so it was a nice change to get some lentils in a sandwich. I saw the lentil dip sold separately at the grocery part but decided to pass this time. Not sure I would order it on foccacia next time, but it was a very hearty and tasty meal. I ordered the half soup half salad deal, and they gave me some chips too. Yay!

I can’t wait to go back and eat through the brunch menu and try their other items. The parfaits look fab. This is a great casual place that will go into regular rotation!

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