Kimker Hill Farm. Local Popcorn? Yeah, I Went There.

I went to Local Harvest a week or so back on the hunt for local eggs and found some other local treats. I picked up this bag of Kimker Hill Farm Organic Pop Corn. We have an air popper and honestly I prefer it. I go through popcorn phases and it sounded good, even if it was pricey.

Now, was it worth it? I’m not sure. Of course it is worth it to buy local, and organic. But did it taste different or have an impact on my taste buds? Unfortunately no. It kind of tasted just like Mr. Reddinbockers kernels. Which I guess is a good (and bad) thing. If I ate a huge amount of popcorn in a month or so I wouldn’t be able to afford this habit but I’m definitely not turned off by my purchase.

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