Again I tried to go to the Howell Island Conservation Area and again it was flooded. I’m so giving up on that bloody trail. Ugh. My default is Castlewood, and I tend to do the Gropeter/Rollercoaster side but this day I went over to the River Scene Trail. I never really figured out how to do the whole trail because it was cut off for most of the summer, I got the full trail this time around!

Okay, I took a lot of photos. It was such a beautiful day. This is one of the prettiest trails I have honestly had the pleasure to hike. The beginning is a hike up. And hiking up you get some beautiful views. In fact, everywhere you look is beautiful. It is a well travelled trail, but it is so worth it.

Serious beauty. And this is about .3 miles in to the hike. Wow. I took it slow and just appreciated my surroundings. When I did this trail in the summer I busted through most of the scenery opting to get the hell out of dodge before I died of heat stroke. Yeah, I get it now and saw a completely different trail.

Self portrait time! Haha! Lots of opportunities to take photos of myself. I have no idea why I am doing the one knee bend pose. It was 8am, give me a freaking break, okay? I took off my jacket shortly after this since the uphill trek was a bit warming. This jacket doesn’t stuff well in my backpack, but I made due. Also, I needed it for the second half of the hike that was flat anyway, I started to get cold again!

This guy had the right idea. I felt like I should so some yoga here or something, it was just so peaceful and serene. I’m sure he thought so too until a girl with a beepy Garmin came up behind him and started snapping photos. Sorry dude. I couldn’t help myself.

After the inclines and views you are treated to some stairs. The first time I did the stairs, I had to go up them and didn’t think they would ever end. This time was a downwards slide.

With more breathtaking views. It is hard to believe this is 30 minutes from my house, if that. Wow. I gave up trying to get my heart rate up because I kept on stopping to admire the scenery. They even kept some old parts of the park so that you could see that not everyone had such an easy climb to the view!

Once past the stairs and underneath a railway tunnel, you end up at the river pretty much. And you follow the river along close to the whole trail. It is always peeking out at you.

This is the part of the trail where I ended up not being able to go much farther. You cross a field and the last time I went this way it said it was closed. I was ready to cut through a parking lot when I decided to turn and see if the trail was open and it was! This is a popular part of the trail for bikes (they don’t do stairs well, funny enough). This last half of the trail is nice and flat and even has some paved parts.

I’m so happy I got to finish this trail. The second half would be great for running! Well, the first half would be a workout but you could jog it too I guess. I do love this park and I’m glad it is so easy and accessible. I ended up with 3.4 miles car to car which is pretty accurate for this trail. If I do a final season hike this one will probably be top on the list because I can imagine the fall colours just being amazing and well worth the uphill battle.