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East Wind Nut Butter, Tecumseh Missouri

Oh, local peanut butter, how I wanted you to work out for me. But I might have chosen wrong. Peanut and other nut butters is such a personal choice. This East Wind Nut Butter wasn’t top on my list. For me, I like a crunchy peanut butter with a smooth base, but having chunks. This is just cut short on processing so the texture was a bit chunky overall. I really did like though that it didn’t separate a lot, so it wasn’t a huge stirring ordeal each use. However, I felt the nuts were overroasted, and I had to add salt. Now, it wasn’t inedible, and I finished off the whole jar and it was great in the peanut butter chocolate brownies I made for the husband. It just wasn’t in my top 10 nut butter list.

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