I’m seeing all the blog posts about homecoming, tailgating and college football games.


While I went to a highschool that had a huge sports representation, I went to a fine arts University. In highschool, we HAD to go to the games. It was pretty fun when 1200 people from your school showed up and 30 from the other school showed up. I mean, our school was pretty much always winning anyway. But you don’t tailgate or things like that in highschool. Acutally we didn’t have a stadium so our school played in the pro stadium. That was kind of cool. Hell, we used to throw garbage at our cheerleaders, and here they start their pro cheer career at like 7 or something. Again, having a really foreign moment. Parades? Seriously? The floats I have been seeing have been giving mardi gras floats a run for their money. Maybe that’s where people find their calling, in college! Maybe you are bread to make those pom pom architectural wonders? No clue.

In University I don’t even think we had a football team each year I attended. It was kind of funny. Well, more pathetic. I wasn’t interested in sports anyway. I was a music major, and they don’t do things like 200 people marching bands and stuff north or the border. Okay, at least in my old hood.

So I moved southside and had friends that were likeminded, aka, not really sports addicts. Okay, or anyone with really any school spirit. Then I moved to Missouri (twice) and noticed that people were sports obsessed here and all around the country. Graduates go back to their old schools and party in September with tons of people wearing the same colours and get drunk. It is really weird. Really foreign. When I graduated, I left. Maybe I’m just anti-social. Then again, I don’t have a sisterhood or crap like that either.

Tailgating is really elaborate. Football tailgating is HUGE. I’m so surprised on how much effort is put into the process. Parades, tents, bbq, huge food spreads, games, beer, alcohol and on and on and on. Wow. Yeah. Still not my scene. It really is weird to me. And then people watch the games so I hear. I guess I could sit through a football game if I was drunk enough too. Heh.

So while I see it, I still feel really disjointed from the whole thing. I guess I had a bit of that spirit during my high school years but it still wasn’t my thing. Though I did buy into the school ring and jacket 😉 Buahah. It was phase! Anyway, I am happy people have fun and enjoy this ritual but I still don’t get it.