There is an inside joke amongst a group of friends I have about baby eating. These are totally kosher though 😉 Anyway, when I was browsing recipes a long time ago I came across Larabar alternatives. I had no food processor though. Sad bunny. Now that I have a food processor, I get to play! These Fudge Babies really are easy.

Okay, here is the really weird thing. The husband didn’t like them. Yeah. There is chocolate and walnuts in these, and he said “nah”. However, I never have seen him snag one of my Larabars to snack on either. I tend to buy him Clif Z bars and other things. Either way, I was suprised! I think it was because I might have put a little too much vanilla in them, but still, I doubt he would eat the next batch.

However, I LOVE the damn things. I went back to the recipe and noticed that maybe I didn’t process them enough because I still had walnut bits in my final product. It doesn’t matter though. I really love them. I find I can have one for dessert and be done. Or if I have a sweet craving, I can have one and move on with my day. Most of the time the sweet stuff starts a sweet binge, but with these I actually feel satisfied after one (or two, we all have our days). I know they are calorie dense with the nuts and fruit but I’m pretty happy with them because if it was a processed sugar filled treat I’m pretty sure I’d eat the same amount of calories anyway. It isn’t because they are rich or anything (I have no limit to my sweet tooth some days), I think it is just mental. And I’m fine with that.

I’m definitely going to try other varieties and probably make up recipes. I have a feeling the husband will eat peanut butter ones 😉

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