Happy Halloween! I didn’t want anything too sweet for breakfast since I’ve been doing some good damage in that arena and I had some apples to use up. I’ve become an apple snob and really I only eat Honeycrisp apples in their apple state. So what’s a girl to do with some Granny Smiths? Check her recipe archive. Smitten Kitchen hasn’t steered me wrong and I found this recipe for Breakfast Apple Granola Crisp. Really, only 3 tablespoons of sugar and 1/4 cup of agave in the whole thing. It was just what I wanted.

Of course I used agave for the granola, and margarine for the butter. It turned out great. Turns out I didn’t have to bake it for as long, but I caught it before it burned. I can’t say I measured the apples, I just filled up my pyrex baking dish really. I probably used close to four pounds as well. I love the almonds and coconut in the granola. I need to make homemade granola soon!