Winter is Coming

My husband would be so proud of the GRRM title. But seriously, winter is coming. While I’ve been hunting around for a bit of cold weather gear, I know I’m not going to be going out in 30 degrees to hike. Unless I’m so stressed that I do weird things like that. Which is always possible.

So the exercise update. I went for a free kettlebell class at the Krav place and really liked it. I brought my heaviest 8kg, and I need something bigger. Each class I’m experimenting with heavier kettlebells, and it rocks. I’ll get there, but believe me, currently I still need my 8 for things, and sometimes less. Oh, it certainly is an amazing full body workout. After my first class it killed to sit for probably 4 days. It took a 5 mile hike to work out that pain. Yes, if you feel it in your ass, it means you are working everything correctly. I’m assuming I’ll have buns of steel in no time! MUAHAH. I better wait to go pants shopping ­čśë

I have the option to go twice a week to a beginner class, which is perfect. Wednesdays are the hardest to schedule. Last Wednesday was stress eating sleep deprived extravaganza, so I missed class. I had planned to miss it since I had maybe 2 hours sleep Tuesday night. It was dark and stormy last Sunday morning but I still hauled my ass out of bed to go and funny enough it was the same again this past week. It was worth it. I’m inspired to give it my all in class, and honestly, if I can’t give it my all why bother wasting my time and my instructors time? He’s pretty damn awesome with me and is working on my weaknesses. Like upper body strength. Seriously, it is pretty bad. I can’t press an 8kg bell over my head single handed easily, if at all some times. Hell, it is hard with two hands. I’m practicing though. My first class I fell over LAYING DOWN (trying to lift a kb while lying down). YES, I suck that much. While these aren’t necessarily kettlebell moves, they are important for overall fitness, and since my goals include doing real pushups and opening jars, this is all part of the master plan.

I like this beginner class ┬ábecause I feel like I get personal training even with others around. The first Sunday he just gave me mods for my circuit and excercises I had learned and still worked out the other two people at their levels. I didn’t just stand there and watch them kick my ass, I worked at my own level and got a great workout. So did my classmates and I learned a lot from them. This past Sunday, I worked at my own pace but tried without mods and did well. I already know to listen to my body and take a break when I need it, and I’m very glad he encourages that as well. Listening to my body queues on a whole is hard, but I’m doing it. You still have to push yourself, but not past the breaking point. Those injuries just aren’t worth it. Learning kettlebells with an instructor is so important because without proper form things can go bad.

I assumed it would get easier as classes progressed, but it is actually getting harder. However, I am smoking my personal record each time for stamina during circuits. I’m really digging that it is so different each time, and once you have the basics down there is so much variation that it doesn’t get boring at all.

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