A few years ago when the BPA news came out I was using plastic bottles for my water. Yes, with Sanrio characters on them. Seriously the stuff multiplies when you work there. So was my husband, minus the characters. Well, I decided I needed an upgrade. That’s when I bought my first Sigg bottle from ReusableBags, now Reuseit.com. The first one was the teal one. And then I dropped it at work in the parking lot. So I bought the skull one, and then decided I needed a smaller one for when I’m out and about. So I have 3. The teal one is still in rotation but at home. I didn’t know if it would affect anything with the dent and it doesn’t. The paint hasn’t chipped anymore than it did the day I dropped it. It is hard not to buy more and more of these. I love them so much. Easy to tote around and don’t sweat too badly.

I like the small mouth on them, as I’m a dripper. And I really only use these for water. They are very light, which is also a plus. Over the years of owning them, I haven’t had any weirdness growing in them (I do have a Sigg Brush to get in the corners once in a blue moon when I wash them), and they do not impart a taste. Perfect.

My husband chose a Klean Kanteen because he likes the wider mouth. It works perfectly for him and it has an insert if I wanted to use one like this because some people just dribble. Heh. The large fat one is a Guyot for my green smoothies. Coworkers were getting weirded out by my green and brown concoctions (damn blueberries) that I made the switch there as well. Plus it is big, 38oz green monster goodness. But I dropped it in the work parking lot. (Seeing a pattern?) and now it kinda weeble wobbles. I might replace it with a Sigg wide mouth bottle, but I’m undecided. I like the ease of cleaning the Guyot, but the wobble is annoying. I also have an insert for it, which is super convenient but it isn’t the only brand on the market available in this big size. Decisions.