Rock Hollow Trail, Wildwood MO

Some days I’m just not up to much but sitting on the couch. Yes, I know everyone goes for this. On days like this I look for an “easy” trail. Half the time, the easy turns into a black diamond trail somehow. I was already prepared for this easy trail mind you. The Rock Hollow Trail is brand new, paved, and connects to the Al Foster Trail that I’ve been on a few times. The first time is when I found out this is 2.3 miles one way, when my hips, knees and body gave out after an unexpected 9 miler. Pretty much, just a walk, not a hike but that was more than okay.

I wasn’t joking when I said this was brand spanking new. And very popular. There were a lot of families and bikes. That was totally fine. Even the dog that tried to chew my ankle off. Well, that was just annoying. I think there is an equestrian trail that leads parallel to this one, but I got kind of nervous going out past the view of the paved trail. Since I had already overdone mileage in this hood, I wasn’t up to it this time, so I went back down to the paved section.

The weather was beautiful and there are benches all along the trail. Very easy to catch a breather if you need one. Also, this trail is patrolled by bike police. I’m not sure if that is good because they deter crime, or if they are there because it is unsafe. I’m assuming since it is Wildwood they have a few officers who like to bike and they get a fun afternoon of circling around the trails. Either way, they were friendly, then again, I didn’t look like I was up to much besides trying to fix the position of my heart rate monitor which I guess could be indecent exposure 😉

Remember those silly mini tracks from my Sherman Beach post? They dead end on this trail. I’m assuming they used to go up here and when they redid the trail they took the train path somewhere else. One day I’ll hop a ride and figure it out. If I care enough. I did get in 4.5 miles so it was a nice walk but I’d rather go to another park or even have the softer trail on the Al Foster Trail under my feet. It kind of reminds me of the trails in my neighbourhood where I was running last year. In fact, this would be a great place to run if I had the ambition. It is longer than my local paved trails so easier to do the mileage.

But everywhere I looked I saw all the signs of fall. I’m a winter whiner, so I’m not sure how many more trails I will be able to fit in. Maybe a few more, lets pray it stays a bit warm!

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