Reason Number 57 Why I Can’t Move Back To Canada

I know it sounds silly, and there are a ton of things I miss about Canada, but I can’t move back. Seriously. If I moved back, I would be missing:

Yes, Trader Joe’s. Even this one in the parking lot from hell. It sounds stupid, but when we moved back to Missouri from California, I would have been really upset if there wasn’t a TJ’s near. I shop there a lot because honestly they have awesome prices! However, you still need to hit up a regular store at times for some basics that they might not carry, or if you prefer a different brand (I don’t like the ketchup, sue me, they don’t have unsweetened plain almond milk, just the vanilla, and so on). Oh, and be prepared for your favourite products to get discontinued. They can be punks like that. The frozen section is pretty good, and I like their branded tofu as well. But I have to say, their nut and trail mix section is off the hook. Especially for value. And the lentil curl chips. And the peanut butter pretzels. And the garlic hummus! Yeah, I try not to stalk up on junk, really. See?

The cereal and muffins are for the husband. I can’t believe I bought him muffins. Wow. I totally fail as a baking wife. Oh well. He said they were a bit too moist, and I’m pretty sure he prefers mine. Well, he’d say that anyway because he knows what is good for him. If you haven’t been to TJ’s before, you need to go. Don’t bring a list the first time, just check out all the products. There is a lot of premade food that makes quick and easy meals, as well as in the frozen section. Some of them even have kosher meat. The produce can be hit or miss depending on your location. They have a ton of great breads and even their own greek yogurt (I still prefer fage). Oh, and great fresh and bottled salsa, definitely pick some of that up.

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  1. I was just thinking that I need to hit up TJs before vacation for travel snacks. I love their trail mix/nuts/dried fruits section SO MUCH.

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