Queeny Park

To be honest, I had low expections for this one. However, I found a lot of positive things about this park and hike that I would probably return. Queeny Park is pretty easy for me to get to as it is only 9 miles away from my house, and a pretty straight shot.

I didn’t get lost getting to this park. I already knew where it was technically 😉 Go me! However, it took a few minutes to find the trailhead. I parked at the Dog Museum. Yup, you read that right. St. Louis has some of the weirdest attractions. So after wandering around and adjusting myself I found the trailhead.

As is traditional, I did the trail backwards. One day I will pay attention. Seriously. I found a marker and went with it. It doesn’t matter when it is a loop anyway! The paths here are very wide and I even had to move for a few service vehicles. I think they were setting up for an event. It isn’t a big deal. However, the “native” were pretty cold. If I pass you and say “good morning” don’t run to the other side of the trail and look at me as if I said “I want to eat your children”. Seriously. I had one person return my good morning. I wasn’t prepared for the attitude after last doing a horse trail where I swear they want to have a 20 minute conversation with you. I had about 12 people either ignore me or give me a look from hell. Oh, the 2 people I saw with dogs were nice and I never judge runners for ignoring me. The soccer mom upper class walkers sucked. A lot. I see the same women in the mall and they just glare at me. I understand I was overgeared for a “city” hike, but I like my damn camelbak. Screw off. I’m sorry I was wearing mis matching workout clothes and not a perfect outfit like your Lululemon set. Okay, I’m kind of jealous of your Lululemon set, but OH WELL.

Back to the trail. My first two miles were pretty shaded. Nice very wide trails and a bit of hills, but nothing drastic. I actually had a pretty quick pace, as it was more walking than hiking. While I thought I was a bit overdressed with gear, I saw a lady with hiking poles, so I’m not the only crazy. Heh. I still am thinking on investing in a smaller camelbak, but that’s another post.

When you are walking along, you can see peeks of the road, but none of the horrible highway buzz that was going on at Forest 44 Conservation Area. Then all of a sudden you see people’s backyards. Mostly, I just wanted to stop for a dip in the pool. It was still quite quiet, so I was okay with it. It is also pretty cool that they have their own gates to the trail. There is no way I’d afford a house like this anyway, so I’ll just gaze at them from the park.

Queeny Park is a huge equestrian park, and mile 3 pretty much circles a huge event field. It is pretty open and in the sun with not a lot of shade. I wore sunscreen, but it was cool to look at the events. It must be pretty huge when there is an activity going on. By following the trail out into the sun I came across a wild flower field and this:

A beautiful 200 year old sugar maple tree! Perfect for a picnic. It made me smile to see it, and then I had a huge craving for maple syrup. One of my favourite things.

As I went through the miles, a lot of trees were marked with their age. This one was 248 years old. Very cool! After I left this shaded section, I was out in the open again. It was okay though because I finally saw some horses.

These horses were on their way to the horse trails. I didn’t venture there but I stayed on my path. The final bit was all paved and passed a pond and had a steep uphill back to the Dog Museum. Maybe I should do the walk backwards next time to avoid that hill at the end 😉 Then again, I was tired after 4 miles and some old guy running totally passed me up. Punk. Oh well. I would come back here again since it is so close, but I wish it had more shade. I don’t care if the natives are asshats, because well, I can ignore that. Unless they are trying to run me over. But ignorant soccer moms can be ignored or I can mug them for their cute workout wear 😉

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