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Saturday we headed across the river to the Strange Folk Festival over in O’Fallon. I can’t believe how much Autumn has done with this festival. She rocks! I used to knit with her on Sundays, but then she had this crazy dream and Strange Folk was born a few years back. We didn’t go last year for some reason, and this year, traffic was HORRIBLE. As in, 64 was pretty much 1 lane to get across the bridge over to the East side. Getting back to MO didn’t look much better. Ouch. Thankfully we ran into cool people who hipped us to 255 south and our commute home was pleasant.

Of course the first thing we saw was funnel cakes, and I thought of poor Kara, who is on vacation and missing out. We did not partake as we had an awesome lunch beforehand.

Fruit cups?? You mean I could have eaten here? Wow. Most of the time it is deep fried meatstuff, and the husband drools over everything, and I end up tired and cranky. Hence our lunch plans. Things would have been okay though. Oh well. It’s the thought that counts huh?

Anywhere we go, the husband gets coffee. He said the coffee was uh, bad. I’m not even gonna link to them because I feel bad that he had such a shitty coffee from them. Oh well. The cookies looked good. Again, we didn’t partake. Obviously, I’m not a paid blogger, because I don’t know how to say something was really craptastic without just coming out and saying “this sucks”. Hah.

There were a TON of vendors. And it was pretty well rounded. Though I love things with bunnies (I’m always looking for bowls or mugs with bunnies) and skulls, the theme seemed to be koi. Kind of random, but there were a lot of koi things going on. I didn’t find any pottery I fell in love with, but that’s okay. I did buy a few things.

Well, let’s talk about the cookies. Yes, I bought cookies, shut up. I had known about The Hot Cookie for awhile. I think they are on my blogroll. I can’t remember. I picked up the Dirty Hippy cookies, which were vegan. And they don’t seem to be on their Etsy shop. Huh. Anyway, they are tasty. A bit dry but that’s fine with tea. Mini! Hah. I make cookies the size of my head, I forget what cookie portions should look like. They are adorable. My husband made a face when he ate one. I don’t think he liked them much.

The cardigan was from Rainbow Swirlz. She had some supercute screen printed stuff! I’ll definitely hit up her shop later as she gave me a card for free shipping. I didn’t see hoodies there, maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough, bummer! Oh well.

Ran into Allison at her Squaresville booth, and she had some awesome stuff and sold out of a ton of cool things. She was even selling organic seeds from her garden. Very cool. I think I’ll just chat with her about some cool placemats since I’ve been eating more at the table. Ben and I couldn’t agree on a pattern that she had there. Hah. Figures. Her stuff is just awesome and great quality. I’ve known her for years and she’s ultra cool.

There was music going on all the time, and the bands were pretty cool. I guess I should have gotten closer, but the whole “oh shiny!” always overtakes me at craft fairs.

Strangefolk really caters to the kids. There were kids in this damn mushroom or else I’d be hanging out in it looking like a dork. There were so many activities for kids. If I had kids, they would have loved it. Honest. I don’t. I have a husband who loves coffee and motorcycles, so you know his opinion on things. Well, we did see some cool bikes. This is a great festival that I think everyone in the area should attempt to make each year. It seems to be growing exponentially and is really fun.

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  1. Ha. The coffee comments amuse me. I’m not a coffee drinker myself, so I can’t personally comment. Apparently the roaster at Strangefolk uses a revamped popcorn popper thingamajig to roast the beans…(rather than a more conventional and reliable technology…one designed for, you know, roasting coffee beans) 🙂

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