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We live in a pretty quiet neighbourhood. I’m still a city girl at heart, and while the ‘burbs are nice, I just like things within walking distance. However, we have plenty of yard to train our killer bunnies.

Baby killer bunny in training. Last year I planted them a garden. They even dug up and ate the roots of the chamomile plants. Freaks. This year we are branching out to taking over other people’s gardens. Okay, I was too lazy to plant a garden this year, I fully admit it. Friends had been warned about the food shortage in my yard and have bunny proofed their areas. Other neighbours have taken to letting their dogs out. These bunnies can not be stopped. Nor can they be intimidated. It takes a lot of work and a special breed.

Sometimes I feel like we are the outcasts in the neighbourhood with out motorcycles in the driveway and blinds closed all the time. Last year I caught a glimpse of this and this year I snapped a picture:

Yup, we do have some cool neighbours. The husband’s 5th grade teacher lives on the corner and collects old model T’s and that stuff (he has a 1920’s old fire truck as well that he drives around the neighbourhood). The guy two houses down from him has this beauty. While there is nothing vintage about our bikes, I totally LOVE this one. In blue too! Maybe the neighbourhood isn’t so bad after all!

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  1. Definitely a cool neighbor! (And very cute bunnies!) We used to have a motorcycle-riding neighbor but they appear to have broken up, and he left and took his Harley with him 🙁

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