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Lost Valley Trail, Headed Across The River

I swear the weather is strict and cruel in Missouri. It is now September, and the weather has forgotten all of the hot and humid days. I had blue fingers and lips at the beginning of this hike. I am not prepared for hiking in weather that is below 80. Well, I’m not prepared for life at below 80 degrees, but that’s another post.

I headed out to find a longer trail this time, but I knew there was a shortcut in case I got tired. I chose the Lost Valley Trail. My hips start to really bother me after about 4 miles, so an escape route is always good, and there was a shorter version in the book.

This trail has a pretty easy first few miles. It would have been okay if I hadn’t been shivering and cold cold cold. Ugh. Oh, and my heart rate monitor was being a little punk and stopped working altogether. It’s fine I guess, I’d be mad if my gps went out mind you. This is a favourite bike trail, so every once in awhile I got waved at by a bike rider. There was plenty of room for passing in the first few and the last few miles.

Around mile 3 I think it started to go into a single track hike in the forest. It pretty much stayed like that for 3 miles. It was very pretty. Not too difficult, but I started to get tired and dragging my feet. Lots of tripping. Ugh. It wasn’t the trail, it was me burning out from going a bit too fast in the beginning.

Self portrait after moving over for bikes. Hey, I was stopped. Look how excited I look to be out on a hike today? Guess who needs a jacket? Guess who’s butt told her it was over 4 miles? Yeah, that’s me, the cheery one.

The trail is really beautiful though. I was thinking if it was warmer I would enjoy it more. Then I got to some rolling hills and got my heart rate up a bit. It helped some. I was hoping that the shortcut would show up soon. I kept seeing unmarked trails leading off, but since the trail was already marked at 9 miles, I didn’t want to wander and do more than that if I didn’t have to. So I stuck it out.

Well, 6.23 into my hike I found the short loop. Seriously. I was thinking short might be shorter than that. Yeah. I busted out the last few miles at a much quicker pace and ended up finishing my hike at 8.5 miles total. Out of the 9 that were in the book. To be fair, I did see a 10 mile marker, so I think the trail might be 11 or so miles long, not 9. 8.5 was a lot for me though, with just a 100 calorie breakfast. Whoops. I’ve been hungry since I got home hours ago.

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