I was browsing Tina’s Carrots N’ Cake blog the other day and she had a surplus of zucchini. I had let a zucchini hit it’s last legs in my fridge since I really don’t like zucchini but I’m trying. If all else fails I’ll make muffins, but today I tried this recipe instead. I veganized it by using vegan margarine and agave nectar. I completely forgot to add an egg replacer, and you can see they turned out puffy and fine without one. Oh, and I got 20 big cookies. I like big cookies. I should have cooked them for a bit longer but they sure were tasty. Pretty much they taste as good as the quality of your chocolate chips. They are a soft cookie and a great way to get out of the zucchini quick bread funk. Even the guys at my husband’s work looked at them dubiously but when there Β were “mmmm’s” going around the office, they got adventurous and polished them off in record time.