Greensfelder County Park Eagle Valley Hike.

There really isn’t a way to get lost on the way to this park, unless you can’t figure out how to get to Six Flags. Well, since I got lost going home one night years ago from the husbands job and ended up at Six Flags, I’m pretty good at getting there. This time on my way up to Greensfelder Park there was a huge gaggle of jersey bicyclers. The road is windy, uphill, and you aren’t supposed to pass. And there were about 200 of them. Yeah. Some of them were in the middle of the road just pretty much giving it their all, and were waving me by. On a windy road where I can’t see around the corner and people are flying down the other side. How about you move over and give it your all? Just sayin. I passed when I could, but really, you don’t need to ride 4 across.

Anyway, I really like this park and the trails. It is also a big equestrian park with stables and the trails are nice and groomed. The cyclists seem to stick to the paved roads around here, at least when I’ve been on the trails.

I’ve done the Eagle Valley trail twice now, and both times I got around 3.5 miles. This is a really well marked trail system, so I have NO clue how to get another mile out of it. I’ve done it clockwise and counter-clockwise. Clockwise is much easier. Counter-clockwise, you have to walk up this:

It isn’t super horrible or anything, but this last time I went I went DOWN the hill. Hah. Yes, I learn! I’m still wary of loose gravel and going downhill, but I did it, just took my time. There was a kid on a bike going up the hill so I told him he was doing great. I don’t think he appreciated the weird girl in black cheering him on. It’s okay, teens. Sheesh. Maybe I’m just old.

I think I might like multi-use trails because they get packed down. This one packed down by horses, it makes dodging the poop kind of worth it. It has beautiful scenery and it quiet as well. It is high traffic, but you don’t really notice the people around you, unless they are trying to chat you up on a horse. In fact, I offered to take photos of people on their horses during this hike because steering a huge animal and trying to use a camera phone is kind of like patting your head and rubbing your belly. I’m nice like that. Plus, I was already stopping to take photos of myself because I’m a dork like that.

Myspace hiking shot! Hah. Anyway, I really like this trail. It has high traffic and lies about the mileage, but it has a lot of ways to make it a bit longer if you want to spend some more time on the trails. You have to cross some traffic in a few places, but it isn’t bad at all. There are a lot of horses, mostly because there is a course right off of this trail where they can jump and do their thing. I don’t know what their thing is, I’m not a horse person, but I’ve watched tv dammit.

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