Getting My Baklava On Was Easier Than It Seemed!

I have never baked baklava because it has never been a favourite dessert of mine. In fact, I don’t really like honey, and sometimes I found the nuts in other baklavas to have a bit of a bitter aftertaste. That could be the mass production. So, While my husband loves the stuff, I can always find something else to make. Another office birthday though, and I wanted to make something I wasn’t tempted to eat.

That didn’t work out well. Hah. This looked wonderful! I used a recipe from The Joy Of Vegan Baking which has some pretty darn solid recipes. I haven’t had really many problems with recipes in this book, and they are all for items that won’t freak out omnivores. Like the baklava above.

So, what did people say about this sweet treat? They really loved the agave replacement. That syrup mixture made things all wonderful and sticky but not too gooey. I don’t have my food processor yet so I left quite a bit of the walnut pieces bigger and that was a plus too. I found out that some people don’t like the paste like substance that is the middle. I figured it gave more room for the syrup to soak.  This was a pretty darn easy recipe if you can remember to thaw out the phyllo ahead of time. I will make it again, maybe a chocolate variation or nutella. Yum!

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