Radish, Sunflower Sprouts and Pea Shoots
I get tired of leafy salads and these sprouts are awesome. I’ve been mixing them with cucumbers and mushrooms with a bit of sesame oil and apple cider vinegar. I just used some pea shoots in my stir fry a few days ago. Use them as a bed for your favourite protein. They are crunchy, sweet and each has a different but subtle taste. I prefer to mix them all together.
The photo is only of radish sprouts and pea shoots. I really love how at the farmers market if something isn’t just right they won’t sell it. The lady in front of me asked about sunflower sprouts and the woman replied “our are too wilted to sell, try the vendor down the lane”. Very honest, which is why I generally buy all my sprouts and cherry tomatoes from them!
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