Farmer’s Market Finds: Eggs

As you know, I go to the Farmer’s Market 1-2 times a week. I stalk this lady. Why? Because my friend has tried all of the egg vendors at the few markets I attend and deems her eggs the best. Are they? I don’t know but I like them for what they are. I’m not a huge egg fan, but the diet required lower carb protein and eggs really hit that mark with tofu, and a girl can’t eat soy at every freaking meal. I have very low cholesterol so there is no need to be super strict about my yolk intake either. However, with the huge “OMG I’m going to die of salmonella!” crap that has been going around, everyone has been hitting up local producers, making my egg intake really low since they are scarce.

I pretty much eat eggs two ways. Hard poached and hard boiled, lots of hot sauce. Fried hard if I’m really freaking lazy, it is hard to peel farm fresh eggs. Runny still icks me. A lot. And no need to put them in things either, though I guess that would be easier on the baking front, but I like challenges. And I won’t buy eggs that aren’t local. I’ve found out I can go to Local Harvest when I can’t find them at the market, which is good to know. If I’m going to eat something I don’t love, then I might as well.

How much am I not in love with eggs in general? I made a tofu scramble last night for dinner, and I had a fridge full of eggs 😉 And it is about taste, not the animals. (watches militant vegans unsubscribe from her feed) Still, if you are going to buy a product like this, buy local. That way you can talk to the person about what exactly is going into the hens, and how they are treated.

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  1. I do wonder what goes in her hens. It is amazing how it all tastes so different. The VT hens get some grain, whatever is in the grass and leftovers, the eggs are freaking amazing.. if you like the taste of eggs that is.

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