Farmer’s Market Finds: Basil

Almost nothing beats the smell of fresh basil. It is a comforting smell for me as I grew up in an Italian neighbourhood where everyone had a garden. Me? Yeah, that black thumb strikes again… and the bunnies. PS: killer bunnies like basil, plant some and you might get on their good side.

It has SO many uses. Have a bunch? Make pesto or some sort of basil sauce. It is great with veggies and it almost married to ripe tomatoes. Mix it in fresh pasta with cherry tomatoes, nice olive oil and roasted garlic (add cheese if you go there). Fresh basil is so flavourful. I picked up a bunch for some salads with tomato, to add to some grilled eggplant with capers and it is even awesome on sandwiches and wraps. I think it is one of the most friendly herbs.

The best part about basil is that it is pretty popular and if you generally send the word out at work or with your friends, you will generally get a nice big bouquet every once in awhile, or an invite to raid a neighbours garden. Even better than the Farmer’s Market, it’s free!

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    1. ha! i do, it’s true. it’s destined for pesto on my next free day! or more drive-by basiling.

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