Eating healthy and in moderation, my new goal

I’m going to admit, sometimes I’m just not good at both of these things. Hence my struggle with weight and size. I’m a volume eater. I like to eat a LOT of whatever I’m eating. Now I’m on a journey of moderation. I just made my goal and I want to stay there. I didn’t fully finish the plan, because it was making me crazy. It’s okay. I know I have the tools now and can go back if or when I need to. I have some new clear goals that should be easy enough to achieve.

  1. Veggies with every meal. Well, maybe fruit with breakfast and not veggies, maybe stick with something fresh with breakfast. Unless I have a savory breakfast then I’m fine with veggies! I’m a freaking vegetarian, you’d think that this would be a good thing.  Sometimes my dinners get kinda beige looking. Oops. I’m also lazy and tend not to do sides. Steamed veggies are super easy if I don’t want a complicated side. A handful of salad isn’t going to take me an eon to make, I just have to get back into the habit.
  2. 20g of protein is my goal for each meal. I’ve found that the higher my protein the less I shove my face full of carbs (homemade bread not included in that statement). I do like to eat mostly vegan foods, but greek yogurt has my name all over it, I’ll eat the occasional egg now and cheese is my nemesis.
  3. Cheese in moderation. As in, not every day. I should really give it up since I’m lactose intolerant but I don’t want to beat myself up if I have pizza with cheese on it. The problem in the past is that moderation went from once a week, to twice to three times and so on. And let me tell you, it wasn’t cheese in healthy dishes or smaller portions. I might go back to being vegan, but right now I’ll just stick to 99% vegan meals. What has worked in the past is vegan at home and vegetarian when I’m out. That one is pretty easy if I can curb my lazy butt from eating out 3x a week. Is it sad that cheese needs its own bullet point?
  4. Think about my hunger. Am I hungry or do I just want to eat. Can I eat an apple and be done with it, or is it a craving for something. If it is, what is that darn craving? Don’t just start shoveling down the sugar and salt looking for a cure, figure out what my body needs. This is a hard one.
  5. Treats and baked goods eaten in moderation. I love to bake (duh), but I don’t need to eat everything or finish off every batch. If it is sitting on the counter I need to learn how to deal with it, throw it out, or give it to someone walking down the street. Not fair to the husband, but he’ll leave me with temptation sitting right there for eons just because he doesn’t have a love affair with food like I do. Home baked bread will be limited too, as sometimes I consider a loaf a serving size. I probably shouldn’t bake bread more than 1x a week, for my own safety. That one is going to be trial and error.  😉
  6. Sit down at the table. Since we moved, we’ve eaten in front of the tv. Moved 3+ years ago *cough*. I need to sit at a table and pay attention to my freaking meals. This is going to be a hard one, but I’ve been working on it for a few weeks and it has been going okay, but eating alone at the table sucks. Occasionally I’ll get my husband to sit down, if he’s hungry when I am, which isn’t all that much. I don’t blame him for that, he needs to listen to his body too.
  7. Check that serving size. That’s a huge problem. I can put away a whole head of cauliflower as a “side”. Yeah, I wasn’t joking about being a volume eater. Hah. My husband jokes that I  have the appetite of a teenage boy. I’m working on it, and I’m going to work on serving sizes. I can have a serving size of  protein, then a serving of veg, then a serving of grains/carbs and everything will balance out. Double protein or veg? Sure! Just try not to make a meal out of one thing like I’m prone to do.
  8. Don’t stop working out! With hiking season starting to wind down, I really need to keep active. Don’t let my couch potato tendencies take over. They will. They always do. I’m not saying I need to train for an IronMan, but I need to keep active. And no, playing video games doesn’t count, even if I get thumbs of steel.
  9. Try to buy more local and from smaller shops and farms. I’m not sure how successful I will be in the winter with this, but it is definitely something that needs to be addressed when the Farmers Markets pull back into full swing in the spring. I’ve started a good habit already, but I fear I won’t pick it back up in the new year. Hitting up shops out of my way like Local Harvest should be something on my list of things to do more than once every few months.
  10. Be kind to myself. I put myself down a lot, and make myself feel guilty for things I do or don’t do. I’m generally very supportive of my friends and family but I’m much harder on myself and give myself no slack. I need to chill, and be nice. To me. I can be a royal bitch to myself, especially if I don’t live up to my fabricated crazy standards. I mean, seriously. I just need to be happy, healthy and surrounded by those who I love and cherish. The end. No negative remarks about failing at a self imposed goal or timeline.

I’m looking forward to having people over for dinner, to making new things, and to celebrate my new goals. I do admit, I kind of hate to cook. I feel like I’m a pretty bad cook, but excellent baker. I’m kind of afraid of some of the reviews I’ll get on my recipes, but I’m trying to be more adventurous! Most of my cooked meals probably won’t even be featured, they are that boring. However, I do love to bake even having people over after a dinner out for dessert is one of my favourite things.

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