Comfort Tea: King Cole

My grandparents were avid tea drinkers. In fact, that’s all my grandmother drank. She taught me at an early age to sit for tea and enjoy a nice cup. Really, my tea addiction is all her fault. Last night I had a mad craving for milk in my tea. I now drink ALL of my tea without milk and sugar free. I was never one for sugar anyway. I also don’t have milk in the house. A little soy creamer didn’t do the trick, but it brought back so many memories. So I had another cup black and called it a day.

You see, you couldn’t get King Cole tea in Ontario back when I was a kid. I’m sure you can now, plus there’s that big old Internet which keeps me swimming in tea choices. But this is the olden days, when my grandmother would “smuggle” tea and margarine from the east coast. Yeah, the whole margarine thing was weird too. I think there was a baking powder she smuggled as well. Anyway, while my coffee inhaler mom would drink Red Rose, my grandmother would die of thirst unless she had her King Cole.

King Cole is an orange pekoe and great every day tea. I honestly forget about drinking plain black teas like this. I never get a bitter cup out of this one. I’m glad I had a craving and rediscovered it on my shelf. Too bad I didn’t have any milk. It probably wouldn’t be the same anyway.

On a side note, do you know the proper way to make tea with milk? You always pour the milk first into the cup. If you have crappy cups it prevents the hot tea from cracking the cup, and also it is much easier to get the right mixture ratio. I think there’s some debate on the milk proteins but I’m not even going to go there. Also, if your milk is going a tad south but you can’t smell anything off, you don’t lose a whole cup of precious tea if you pour a little tea into the cold milk and it starts to curdle. Nothing worse than losing a perfectly brewed tea! You should also warm your pot with a good swish around of hot water from the kettle before putting the tea in.

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