Well, first of all, I understand why they make and sell pre-made phyllo tart shells. I should have just bought the mini shells but I have an over abundance of phyllo in my freezer. So I made these with my tart pan and it turned out okay. This recipe from the Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen was pretty interesting to make. I just remembered I had a tart tapper in the darn drawer, it might have made my life a bit easier. Hrm. Oh well, too late now.

The filling was pretty neat. I used coconut milk yogurt and the taste was really there along with the lime. The berries didn’t look super amazing so I only used one per tart. I had the tarts in the fridge and they were still nice and crispy and the filling was set when I left for the bbq. However, after sitting out for a few hours, the pastry turned limp and the filling began to soften. Lesson learned. These need a fridge. Also, I could have cooked the filling for a bit longer, but hey, you live and learn. I probably could have cooked the pastry longer. Who knows. They tasted okay, just floppy.