Tower Grove Farmer’s Market

Saturday mornings are generally reserved for hiking. Instead, I got my butt in gear and met up with a friend to go to the Tower Grove Farmer’s Market in Tower Grove Park (duh). I was always worried about parking and the location but really it isn’t bad at all! Maybe because I wasn’t driving today. I was very happy with the selection of fresh fruit and produce!

This was my second Farmer’s Market this week, and again, no eggs and it wasn’t even 9:30. I swear, these vendors sell out SO fast. There is a huge egg recall in Missouri but still! I’m going to try to buy only local eggs but I can’t find the damn things. Sheesh. All the more reason to stick to a vegan diet after I phase out of IP huh? I’m pretty set on only buying local eggs now, so if I can get them, so be it, if not, I won’t have them. I’ll still bake vegan anyway.

Not that it means I left empty handed! I bought some cherry tomatoes from Eilerman Brothers. They were tasty but I have a favourite vendor on Wednesdays.

I couldn’t pass up the mini peppers at this stall that had no sign. The Mennonites who were working the stall were super nice and helpful. These would be adorable stuffed huh? Maybe some spinach, mushrooms, zucchini, garlic, spices and then roasted?

I stared longingly at the Elderberries! I gave a couple some pointers on how to use them. They are great with peaches, mixed into pies, as jam… gosh they are so tasty. Maybe next year huh?

I didn’t even notice on the website that they had a free yoga class! It was pretty awesome seeing so many people outdoors doing yoga. It reminded me of the park in Chinatown in SF where they had the huge Tai Chi classes. Very zen.

Overall, this is a great market. I loved the variety. Saturday mornings are hard for me to give up but honestly, the quality was really excellent. It might not be every week, but I will definitely return again and again.

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  1. Local eggs can be had at Local Harvest Grocery just a couple blocks from the farmers’ market on Morgan Ford.

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