Review: Tofu Xpress

Okay, I admit I generally love kitchen gadgets of any kind. I put buying this one off for a long time. Because well, it is kind of a one trick pony. Sure, it says you can press the water out of spinach too, and blah blah blah but still, a heavy plate and time do the same thing.

I started eating more and more tofu and the plate and can trick was getting old. I shelled out the freaking $40 and bought this TofuXpress. When this first came out I swear it was $30. It was one of my online impulse purchases. It is truely overpriced BUT let me tell you, it works. And I use it ALL the time. It should cost less honestly. If you eat a lot of tofu (at least 1 block a week) I would highly recommend it. The texture is much firmer and it works great on defrosted tofu as well giving it that nice chewy texture. It also fits easier in the fridge, and look at what happens overnight!

I would recommend this only if you inhale tofu as fast as I do, or you have a lot of cupboard space. It is really handy for me, and the texture my tofu now has really makes it worth it. I can also just dump the tofu block in the press in the morning and it will be all nice and drained by dinner when I get home which makes it good for the way I plan meals. I like dry chewy tofu.

Now I have some XXX naked tofu, cubed and ready for some fun! Okay, I’m a dork, I fully admit it. Oh, and since this press comes with a “marinade” lid, I guess it serves as a storage container too. *rolls eyes* Yeah… it is a one trick pony but I still like it.

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