Review: Muscle Gauge Nutrition Pure Isolate Whey Protein

So I have been watching carbs and I’m always interested in new protein powders. I came across the Muscle Gauge Nutrition whey protein by a recommendation from a message board. I don’t generally use whey because I’m happier honestly with soy and I had been eating 100% vegan before my current diet.  However, I needed something with a lower carb count so I decided to get a few flavours of this pure isolate. My soy protein powders have a few more carbs in them, and I’d rather save my carb count for veggies.

I ordered from I did not get the elusive and hugely popular “Cake Batter” flavour as it was already sold out. In fact, it is sold out everywhere on the web, I’m stalking it already. MGN went through a reformulation a little while back that sounds as if it was chalky and horrible, then pulled that one then put up either the old formula or another new one that had the same good consistency. Anyway, this lead to a huge shortage. I’m all for a lemming so I waited quite awhile to order, hoping for Cake Batter to come back in stock anywhere on the web. Nope, and other flavours were disappearing daily. So I bought Chocolate and Cinnamon Bun as my testers. Shipping was great (I ordered another protein drink I’ll review later) and pretty quick. I got a free gym towel too as my choice of a free gift. Everything was packed securely and I would definitely order again from

So back to the MGN protein powder. I first wanted to make sure that the flavours could handle being mixed with water only. Both do taste okay with water. Really, some of the protein powders I have tried you just can’t choke down with plain water. However, when mixed with unsweetened almond milk they are fab! So for 3 carbs I can have a wonderful 25-26 protein packed snack under 150 calories (protein varies from flavour to flavour). I am surprised I like the Cinnamon Bun better than the Chocolate! Now I fully admit these are probably not for everyone. While they mix great for me in my blender I haven’t tried them in a shaker cup. I probably will never use them that way, but other reviews say they mix well. Another huge point is that they are very sweet. I honestly love that part, because I have a huge sweet tooth. They are also sweetened with Stevia, and that rocks in my books.

All in all, if I don’t go back to a 100% vegan diet in the near future and I can still digest these I will buy them again. I would love to taste the other flavours too! They are pretty cheap for what you get, and the stevia makes them high on my list.

[edit 10/22/2010] Sorry guys and dolls. It looks like is getting out of the MGN biz. I have ordered from and they were very quick and professional. And in stock. And cheap!

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