On Travelling with Tea, And One Of My Faves

So I drink a lot of tea. I have a teapot at work and I have at least one pot a day. Loose tea mostly, but I’ll bag it if I have to. I was rearranging my kitchen (to make room for Mr. Foreman and the new Cuisinart I have yet to purchase) and I found one of my travel tea mugs.

Now, let me just state this up front. If a travel mug in our house has been used for coffee at ANY time, it is no longer able to hold tea. I HATE coffee. I swear the oils infuse in the mugs and I can taste coffee in my tea. Bad. I hate coffee. A lot. Well, this one I got ages ago and I forgot how cute it is. Plus, it is for tea only as it has a built in filter! There is an updated version as it looks like this one gets bad reviews, so I suggest you browse Amazon for something similar. I’m already noticing a fine hairline crack. Boo. I love the little handle on this one, but again, it is kind of tiny.

Oh, inside there brewing? My favourite Harney & Sons Dragon Pearl Jasmine tea. Probably my all time favourite.  It is very light and sweet and can withstand a few brewings, which is perfect for this travel mug.

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