On Baking.

Since the whole no sugar, low carb thing I haven’t been baking much. There have been some birthdays or special occasions here and there but I haven’t been really pushing out sweets or bread like I had for awhile. Avoiding temptation is easy when it isn’t sitting there right infront of you. I just can’t bake bread and not eat it, that’s just wrong!

It doesn’t mean I don’t think about baking all the time. I really love it. I feel a bit lost though, not baking a few times a week. I was watching some baking shows a few nights back that had piled up on my dvr and it got me thinking. All the great bakers (and chefs really) have specialties. They are known for something iconic. Something that is always requested. Something signature.

I don’t have that. I don’t repeat a lot of recipes since I like to explore a lot, and I have limited people to pump sugar into on a regular basis without feeling guilty. And forms of study? Yeah, I can’t say I even specialize in yeast breads, cakes or even chocolate. I make a lot of cookies, but I make a lot of other things too. I feel like it is a bit of a disadvantage at times because while I’m pretty rounded, I’m not stellar in one aspect of baking. Most people will say I specialize in whatever sweet they have had that I baked and they liked. Not really though, at least in my mind.

I know I don’t have to have a specialty, or a signature but it is weird having been baking for so long and just being known as a baker. Even my grandmother was known for her tea biscuits and pies. She did make other things, like a half dozen types of cookies but not much else. I guess it is a blessing because I don’t get pigeon holed into one genre.

Gosh, I feel like a freshman in University. I’m 34 and undeclared in my hobby that could last a lifetime. How stupid is that? But if I ever wanted to do something professionally with my hobby, I’d need to decide what to do. Can I do that? I’m unsure if I can deal with that sort of pressure. I know I can ace a genre if I give it enough time, but I don’t know if I can mentally do that day in and day out, or for the pressure of revenue. I’d love to move forward, but I’m lost. I also know that owning a business, especially in food service is a lot of work. A LOT of work that could lead to hating the craft you love.

Until then I will pump my friends and family full of sugar and bread. I’m sure they won’t complain about my tasty hobby too much and it will keep me sane.

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I'm Shannon and I love to bake, hike, play video games and have fun. I currently live in the Bay Area with my husband and cat.

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